Prescription Assistance

If your health requires that you regularly take prescription medication but your income makes this virtually impossible, maybe we can help.

We can work to find a drug company that may provide you perscription medication for low or no cost.

We can prepare an application with your input & submit it to the appropriate prescription assistance program.

We can ensure there is no lapse in your medication (when an application is accepted)

The Patient Prescription Advocacy Program is designed to find low-cost or no cost prescriptions so tha you don's have to choose between your prescriptions & your next meal.  If you meet the following criteria, then take the next step & call for an appointment to start the process.

  1. You do not have insurance coverage that covers prescriptions.
  2. Your income is at a level that causes a hardship when you are required to purchase your prescriptions at retail prices.
  3. You do not qualify for a government or third party program that provides prescription medication coverage, such as Medicaid or Kids Connection.

To schedule an appointment with our patient advocate for Dawes County, call 308.432.2747 and for Box Butte County, call 308-762-3696.

What to bring to your appointment?  Just a copy of last year's income tax return if filed & a copy of your Medicare and/or Medicare supplement card.

Western Community Health Resources would like to thank the Immanuel Vision Foundation and the Sioux County Foundation for their continued support of this program.