Family Reproductive Health Services (FRHS)

WELCOME to Family Reproductive Health Services!  We are honored you have chosen to trust us with your health.

Family Planning is much more than just birth control.  Family Planning includes screening services that help find serious health problems like low blood iron, abnormal paps, breast abnormalities, high blood pressure & infections.  Our team is available to answer any questions you have about sexuality, your body and your health.  We acknowledge and respect all sexuality choices.  Being honest about your sexual orientation helps us work with you to design the best reproductive healthcare program for you. 

Family Reproductive Health Services is open to all individuals regardless of age, income and marital status. 

Family Reproductive Health Services receives Title X Family Planning Services grant funds with the goals of providing comprehensive services to our communities in order to:

  • reduce unintended pregnancies
  • prevent adolescent pregnancy
  • reduce rates of sexually transmitted diseases
  • promote the health of women, men, mothers & children

Parents this is an excellent introduction to the specialized health care needs for young men & women & a wonderful opportunity to share with your son or daughter the changes and health responsibilities that come with physical maturity. 

Is talking to your daughter or son a challenge?  Come in and we'll help talk with him/her about protecting their future fertility.  Prevention & protection through responsible reproductive health care.

Services include
  • physical and pap smear
  • STD checks & treatment education
  • contraception & education
  • pregnancy tests with counseling & referrals
  • information on a variety of reproductive health care

What does every user of family planning services have the right to expect?  Not only do we strive to provide the best quality services possible, we also create an environment where you are treated with compassion, dignity and respect.  We are always available for questions, concerns and support.  We respect your choices and we listen.  We honor your time and we promise to answer all of your questions.

 Fees are based on a sliding fee scale.  All services are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL!

WE PRACTICE & PROVIDE: Information, Access, Choice, Safety, Privacy, Confidentiality, Dignity, Comfort, Continuity, Opinion